Titan’s Roofing

Where We Started


Eighteen years ago, I needed a job to get away from the negative of the streets I grew up on. I searched for jobs of all different trades until I came across roofing. I had an instant liking for this job and everything it had to offer. I have always been a competitive person, so it was first nature for me to want to be better than everyone around me. I started off as a laborer and continued to strive forward from there, within six months I changed companies and positions for more money. This really got me motivated to do great at my job, because every forty-five days we were evaluated for a raise. I had a raise every forty-five days because I never stopped trying to improve. I became one of the fastest and most proficient roofers in Western New York.

Along my early journeys I helped a very good friend of mine get a job in this industry to help him join this rise to the top adventure. Together we went on to find the best company to work for. We probably worked for ten different well known roofing companies over the course of our careers trying to find the best one. There are a few that really stood out to us, even today. These companies had things that made us think, “wow they care about their employees or customers or even their reputation. These are the things that we would soon combined together to make our business great.  After fifteen years of working together for various different companies we came together in creating what we want to become the most honest and reliable roofing company around Western New York.


Day one started with us sitting down thinking of a great name. We started to think on names with powerful meanings and came up with Titan’s Remodeling.  Titans come from Greek mythology and were very powerful. After deciding on the name, we needed to secure a logo and a slogan that all linked together and that would be easy to remember. Our logo came to life after researching titans along the Greek mythology realm, Atlas inspired our logo and then we just created a new version of him. Our titan carries a house on his back instead of the world, like Atlas did. When you put that together with our name it all comes together with the finishing touch of our slogan “Let Us Carry The Weight”. We offer many things that separate us from our competitors, but never lose sight of what and who is most important to us: our customers.

Everyday our business grows thanks to our great customer standings and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to our customers. We strive to hire and train the best installers in the business and with every step we take, we do our best to ensure that every job sold and completed is back with that same guarantee. Roofing/Siding is what we specialize in and what we do daily. There are a lot of roofing contractors in this area that are not insured or licensed in your town/village/city. We are both Fully Insured and licensed to do work everywhere in Western New York. We handle all calls, appointments, sales, and installs with our guys in the field, so that we can ensure that from our first interaction to our last we will provide the most professional and courteous experience that you can receive in this industry.

Don’t be fooled by the people who say they can offer the same things as us as far as pricing, products, or even warranties. We offer the best products backed by the best warranties with reasonable prices. We can prove it, can they? We offer Owens Corning Duration Architectural shingles with a 50-year non-prorated warranty that we purchase for all of our customers. We do not charge extra for the warranty like our competitors, and we never use low-end products.


Like everyone that owns their own business, we do it because this is what we love to do and we love helping others while making money. We are extremely honest and would never sell something to someone that they do not need – many others will. Our future in this business will continue to grow as we do, and will never falter because we will never lose sight of what’s important, which is our customers. Competitors of ours tend to raise their price without ever increasing their overhead cost, which is not fair to the customers. We will keep our prices as fair as we possibly can and we will always maintain our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our future may rest on your hands with referrals and business, but it starts with our professionalism and courtesy to you first.

Thank You

Titan’s Remodeling Inc.
“Let Us Carry The Weight”