Titan’s Roofing


Our roofing  specialists continually provide the best installations and repairs that the industry has to offer. Notably, we can install low-risk, minimal maintenance roofing. Let us carry the weight!

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Titans Roofing (27) Before

Titans Roofing (28) After

Titans Roofing (33)


Titans Roofing (36)After

Titans Roofing (34)


Titans Roofing (35)


“His story really touched us personally,” owner Jason Parry said.  “So we stepped in to see what we could do…We just want to make sure we come in and do a good job. And do it right so they can have a peaceful night’s sleep and not worry about their ceiling collapsing anymore.”

Eighteen years ago, I needed a job to get away from the negative of the streets I grew up on. I searched for jobs of all different trades until I came across roofing. I had an instant liking for this job and everything it had to offer…read more.