Hang tarps to protect house and landscaping

Tear off all layers down to deck, remove or hammer all nails

     Replace bad decking at $50.00 per sheet installed; 2 sheets included

Install new sheathing OSB included (CDX ply is an upgrade)

Re Roof over existing shingles (no more than one layer)

Install 72 inch ice & water shield to all eves, valleys, and protrusions    

               100% ice & water a slow slope roofs

Install synthetic felt to remainder of deck

ODE heavy gauge drip edge to all eves and rakes

Install a start strip to all eves and rakes for warranty purposes

Installation of architectural shingles 30 year      50 year

Install pipe boots to all protrusions & paint to match roof color     1”-3”     3”-4”

Custom bend heavy gauge metal to step/counter flash chimneys

Install metal step flashing where needed

Reuse skylights (no warranty on skylight)
Replace skylights with new flashing

Replace bath vents (if needed)

Install ventilate ridge vent system

Cut ridges open end to end

Remove box vents and fill in with wood/metal

Install new gutters and down spouts Clean out gutters

Remove all debris and haul away with trailer. No dumpster.

Use a rolling magnet to remove nails in driveway, lawn and garden